Intercampus Card

A unique CEI Triangular–E3 card has been created for the three universities in the aggregation. A specific cooperation agreement has been reached setting the conditions for this card and the benefits for the members of the university communities.

The chart below includes a list of the Common Access Services for the three universities:

  • Library services:
    1. Access to Libraries and Study Rooms
    2. Access to the Student Office (or similar)
    3. Borrowing of books from the library
    4. Interlibrary loan
    5. Access to bibliographic database
    6. Access to online magazines
    7. Minicomputer loan
    8. Individual Research offices
  • ICT services
    1. Access to computers in computer labs
    2. Videoconference service
    3. Multimedia library
    4. Online, streaming TV
  • Campus services
    1. Reprography
    2. Bicycle loan
  • Sports services
    1. Access to sports facilities (booking and hire)
  • Cultural services
    1. Access to exhibitions
    2. Tickets for activities (theatre, film club, concerts…)
  • Research services
    1. Laboratories for instrumental techniques and radioactive installation
    2. Animal facility
    3. Microscopy
    4. Image analysis and cartography