Mexico Science and Technology Award 2016

Rewarding a person of recognized professional prestige who has made ​​a significant contribution to universal scientific knowledge , technological progress or development of social sciences , has been recognized for the international impact of their contributions , having formed school, for their contributions in training human resources and because such work has been carried out mainly in one or more countries of the region covered by this call .

XIV Meeting of the Specialized Group of Polymers (GEP)

About 200 chemical and physical-from 8 countries will meet September- 5 to 8 at the XIV Congress of the Specialized Group of Polymers (GEP) of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and Physics, organized by the Group of Polymers of the University Burgos, in the Aula Romeros the Hospital del Rey. It is the congress biannually the GEP (Specialty Polymers Group of the Royal Societies of Chemistry and Physics) program.