The new legal framework for this kind of degrees (Royal Decree 992011), has caused universities to develop new programmes and management structures (Postgraduate Schools) for Doctorate studies. Once the Doctoral Schools of the three universities have been established, we are working on the planning of the common doctorate programmes for the CEI Triangular–E3. Our universities have linked these new doctorate programmes to the thematic areas of specialization of the CEI Project (Human Evolution, Ageism and Ecomobility) and the management teams of the Doctoral Schools are holding coordination meetings in order to draft common doctorate programmes for the CEI Triangular–E3.

UBU Postgraduate School

ULe Postgraduate School

UVa Postgraduate School

Other activities carried out by the Doctoral Schools are the so-called cross curricular activities inherent to the training in research and the academic development of the postgraduate students, consisting of trainings and informative days. For these days to reach a wider audience within the research community of the CEI, we use the facilities of the Virtual Campus so that, apart from physical attendees, researchers from different locations within the CEI Triangular–E3 can participate by sending their comments and questions in real time as if they were physically attending.

The presentation of a new programme has been agreed through the initiative COFUND to attract postgraduate students from abroad and allow them to participate in research projects developed at the CEI Triangular–E3.

The proposal “SP4HQL-Spanish-Portuguese Cross-border Doctoral Training and Career Development Project on Sciences for Improving Human kind Quality of Life” has been submitted to the call COFOUND from Marie Curie Actions (MSCA), in collaboration with the Portuguese Universities of Minho and Tras- os- Montes e Alto Douro. This proposal will attract PhD students from other countries as participants in the doctorate programmes run by the CEI Triangular-E³.

The creation of a Net of Doctorate School CEI Triangular-E³ has been also agreed: this way it will be easier for the Phd students from our Excellence Campuse to engage in the education and doctorate programmes from any of the three universities.