The creation of a Virtual Campus of the CEI Triangular–E3 has been promoted. This has been made by the acquisition and installation of video streaming and videoconference equipment, which allow establishing CEI Triangular–E3 classrooms so that it is possible to carry out on-site and online training activities at the same time and in three different locations (one in each university) and to have a video streaming base for future studies to be taught by the CEI aggregation. This way, any of the CEI Triangular–E3 students can attend and interact in the conference lectures and/or live and pre-recorded events, even from other locations.

The equipment acquired can be found in the following locations:

    • University of Burgos: the Central library multipurpose room, also headquarters of the Doctoral School.

    • University of León: Room 108 (Multimedia library) at the ICT-Centre of Learning and Research Resources (CRAI_TIC) of the University of Leon.

    • University of Valladolid: Room “Triangular” in the Doctoral School, at the Student Office.

The system has been completed with the acquisition of three portable HD video cameras for recording outdoors (out of the CEI Triangular classrooms) to elaborate teaching contents which could be added to the video streaming system.

Two pilot initiatives have been implemented. “Car sharing”, to facilitate and promote sustainable mobility between the campuses of the university, and the “Bus sharing” service, to reduce expenses in bus and minibus journeys by offering free seats for scheduled trips.

Universal Accessibility is regarded as a priority for the CEI Triangular–E3, made a reality by means of different physical works carried out in spaces of the three promoting universities (San Isidoro Hall of Residence, accessible parking spaces at Vegazana Campus, bus lane at Paseo de Belén, Sedano Hall of Residence) for the improvement of accessibility to different buildings at the university campuses.

All these actions have been possible thanks to the agreements between the CEI Triangular–E3 Campus and collaborating entities such as ONCE and the Ministry of Education.

As an effort to adapt to the European Higher Education Area, together with the CEI Triangular–E3, we have proceeded to the adaptation of classrooms and libraries in all the CEI headquarters:

  • Renovation of the air conditioning system at the Law School of the University of Leon (ULE) to adapt different classrooms to the new teaching methods of the EHEA, dividing the previous classrooms since they were very large.

  • The Library of the University of Burgos offers free spaces in the General Library which have been improved with the following equipment:

    1. 48 desks for teamwork, which means 80 available positions now; and separating this area from the library, in which silence is required for the studies of the students.

    2. Electrification of 120 seats for teamwork, which allows the students to make use of their computers and mobile devices with sufficient autonomy to develop their tasks. This way, completing the necessary infrastructure to offer an optimal service of Wi-Fi connection in the Library.

  • The University of Valladolid finished, with the help of CEI Triangular–E3, the construction of the Miguel Delibes Campus Library, joining the libraries of the Education and Social Work School, the Science School, and the Computer Science and the School of Telecommunications. Apart from centralising the bibliographical archives, previously scattered in the libraries of each centre, in this new library they offer new videoconference and training rooms, and they have introduced an individual loan of 30 laptops and workshops.