We are still working on the consolidation of stable agreements with entities external to the Campus in the three thematic areas of the CEI CEI Triangular–E3.

As an example we may mention:

  • Participation of the CEI in the Smart City VyP initiative (http://www.smartcity-vyp.com/).
  • Specific agreement between the National Research Centre on Human Evolution (development partner of the CEI) and the CEI Triangular–E3 for the sharing of resources and researchers, and improve investigation (see news).
  • Specific agreement with Michelin (promoting partner of the CEI) and the CEI Triangular–E<sup>3</sup> for the Crash Attack campaign to improve road safety in the three locations of the CEI (see news) in connection with Ecomobility.
  • Specific agreement with Catedra Telefónica (promoting partner of the CEI) and the CEI Triangular–E3 to call for grants for the elaboration of research, development, demonstration and dissemination projects (See news).
  • Specific agreement between the CRE (State Reference Centre) for Disability and Dependency, the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) and the UVA (University of Valladolid) for the development of a technology to use devices with the mind power (see news), in connection with Ageism.
  • Specific agreement between the CENIEH National Research Centre on Human Evolution; the CRE State Reference Centre for Disability and Dependency, sport, rehabilitation and new technologies, dependent on Imserso and the Science Park Foundation (UVA), for the assignment of facilities for the carrying out of CPTI (Public Purchase of Innovative Technology) workshops.
  • Specific agreement with the FGULEM (General Foundation of the University of Leon and Business) for the joint call with theCEI Triangular–E<sup>3</sup> for the award “ICT Solutions for the development of independent life”, open for all the CEI members.
  • To facilitate the internationalization, we promote the signing of agreements on mobility with universities and research centres abroad, and for the development of common degrees.
  • Design of a LIFE+ project on university ecomobility in order to reduce emissions at the university campuses by means of management models based on sustainable electric mobility. In this project, apart from the three universities part of the CEI aggregation, we will have the participation of main partners such as Renault, CRTIF, Town Halls of the participating cities…
  • Call for the CEI Triangular–E3 Awards on innovative solutions for the development of life quality in the categories of Human Evolution, Ageism and Ecomobility, both for individuals and teams. For the membership of the Awards Committee we have the participation of CEI partners such as Fegulem, Clúster SIVI, CENIEH, the Atapuerca Foundation, Renault, Michelin, Facyl, in order to keep the presence of these partners in the Campus and create new collaboration opportunities strengthening the aggregations created.
  • Call for the CEI Triangular-E3 Research and Society Awards, which intend to show the scientific-technological work developed in the Campus, promote the contact between the university actors of the R&D&I of the CEI aggregation and the citizens, raising society’s awareness of the importance of R&D&I for the progress of knowledge and economic and cultural development, and so that citizens know about the use of the funds defrayed through the taxes on the Science and Technology System in general and in Castilla y Leon in particular.
  • In order to promote scientific-technological vocation of young students in Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary, we have organized the I Science and Technology Fair in Castilla y León, with the help of the FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology). The I Educational Robotics Competition of the World Robot Olympiad WRO-Burgos took place during this fair. Also, we celebrated the I Research and Scientific Popularization Contest “Hands on Science”. In addition to these two competitions, the fair was completed by a wide range of scientific-technological workshops on: robotics, chemistry, nutrition, engine construction, drones and even mini-satellite assembly. There was also a spectacular show about science and technology presented by Alauda Teatro titled: Laboratory dare to know”.
  • Call for the granting process for the acquisition of scientific-technological equipment and adaptation of infrastructures within the CPTI framework with the thematic field of Ageism (more information). This call was aimed to facilitate the cooperation of the research teams of the three universities.