The vocational training network is aimed to implement programmes for teachers’ professional development and further training in the thematic areas of the CEI (ecomobility, human evolution and ageism) by developing training programmes, designed ad hoc together with the IVET schools and the organizations demanding professionals, allowing teachers to update and complement their skills.

The following actions have been carried out:

  • Foresight tasks to know the IVET degrees related to ecomobility, evolution and ageism in the regions where the Universities of the CEI are in order to establish contacts which will allow identifying the real training needs of the teachers from that field.
  • In coordination with the Department of Vocational Education Services of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Offices of Education of Castilla y León Regional Government and in cooperation with different IVET Schools we have carried out a survey aimed to know first-hand the real needs of teachers, students and professionals in order to be able to provide updated training close to the labour market. This way, we will be able to develop training programmes and offer courses adapted to their real needs. This report, available on the CEI Triangular–E3 website, was elaborated by the Technical Office of the CEI (Results Report on Teachers Survey).

Adaptation of spaces at the CEI to complement IVET teaching needs:

  • Start-up of three workshops, one for each area of the Campus, with the aim to expand the education options in IVET courses and establish the communication networks with the CEI Triangular–E3 which offer training, laboratories and classrooms with specific equipment available in all the Campus, regardless of the location of your IVET School (solutions are offered to reduce travel expenses).
  • A Laboratory for Robotics Practice has been supplied for the execution of training activities for IVET teachers and students.
  • As regards the field of ecomobility, we have acquired a teaching model of multiplexed systems with xenon headlamps Exxotest and a load centre teaching model Exxotest.
  • Elaboration of a series of teaching contents and material needed for the further training of IVET teachers and students. In the field of Human Evolution we have developed a training module with the following contents:
    • Module I: Craniodental morphology of the hominids in the fossil record.
    • Module II: Preservation and Restoration of palaeontological fossils.