We arrange fairs and employment and entrepreneurship forums in the three different headquarters of the Campus, open to participants from all the CEI Triangular–E3 and this way it is announced independently of the location.

The units of employment, university extension, General Foundations, etc. of the three universities keep continuous contact to coordinate proposals and avoid overlapping.

Thus, for example, the CEI Triangular–E3 together with the Cátedra Bancaja and the General Foundation of the University, organize the “ Employment, guidance and entrepreneurship Week” which offers conferences and entrepreneurial roundtables with spin off professionals, experts on international employment and workshops on CV improvement, all of them aimed at all CEI students.

Another example of coordinated actions of the three Universities in the different campuses of the CEI Triangular–E3 is the launch of the CampusJobs website, which brings job demand and internships of the three promoting universities together, so that this information is easily available for all the CEI members.

Resources for Classrooms for Employability Improvement of the CEI Triangular–E3: creation of three workshops, one for each of the thematic areas in the Campus, with the aim to make the students improve and widen their skills, improving and promoting their employability. For example: a classroom located at the Services Building of Vegazana Campus, equipped with a videoconference system, projector, smart display, PC and laptop, aimed to hold employability skills development workshops which may be broadcasted live for all the students from the different campuses. The University of Burgos offers a classroom at the Central Library with 25 computers to develop actions related to the students employability.