CEI Triangular–E3 is promoting improvements in laboratories and equipment as a means to support the investigation in the three thematic areas of the Campus, thus allowing the development of the strategic aim to transform the Campus.
For instance, scientific-technological equipment for a wide range of applications has been acquired for the development of innovative projects. This way, we can provide potential users with a set of equipment as a complement to their own. This equipment is available for the members of the CEI Triangular – E3 community as users under temporary availability to solve specific needs without acquiring them. This understood as a logical use of the equipment for wide applications so as to optimize the resources available.

  • GPS system for cartography and GIS within a multi-sectorial scope, whose potential users are all those who may need to carry out field research and get GIS data with meter, sub-meter, sub-pie and even decimeter precision. This equipment provides solutions for sectors such as the forest and environment industries, assets and urban services management, network infrastructures (water, electric, telecommunication, etc.), computer-aided design, security and emergencies, or specific solutions for Universities or Vocational Schools.
  • 3D printer to make scale models and prototypes. Typical applications include display of designs, prototyping/CAD, architecture, education, health and entertainment. Other applications may include fossil reconstruction in palaeontology, replication of antiques or highly valuable pieces in archaeology and reconstruction of bones and body parts in forensic and pathological science.
  • Digital oscilloscope with a 1 GHZ bandwidth and built-in signal source. This oscilloscope includes four input channels, an arbitrary output signal for the embedded signal generator, as well as a computer communication interface. The equipment firmware and software provide powerful tools for the signal processing: FFT, filtering, glitch transient capture, etc. This is a key tool in any kind of development projects in electronic, ICT technologies, and in any field requiring electrical signal measurements.
  • An automatic valuator potentiometer Metrohm 888 Titrando, with Tiamo control software and equipped with electrode ll Solvotrode: this tool is very useful in chemical analysis projects since it allows an automatic valuation of any chemical product. Also, the automatic software guarantees the traceability of the product analysed.
  • A portable projector and a projection screen so that the university research teams can present the results of their research both in scientific forums (conferences, symposium and workshops) or in business forums (presentation of collaboration proposals or exhibition of project progress).

Concurrently, we call for grants for the acquisition of scientific-technological equipment and the adaptation of infrastructures, in the frame of action of Public Procurement of Innovative Technology of the Campus of International Excellence Triangular E3. The aim is to finance the acquisition of equipment and adaptation of infrastructures and space for shared use among several research teams or Research Support Services, as well as to facilitate the cooperation with research teams from the Universities of Burgos, Leon and Valladolid, with the purpose of reinforcing the ability of the universities included in the CEI to transfer and valuate knowledge.