CEI Triangular–E3 is working intensely in the specialization of postgraduate studies. As a result of this, the three promoting universities have undertaken a joint programme of Masters with the collaboration of important partners, public and private, from the CEI aggregation. We expect the Masters to become an important tool of cooperation between the members of the aggregation, apart from increasing the impact of research and teaching projects on the thematic areas of the CEI.

  • Master´s Degree in Skills for Cultural Heritage Management: The initiative, promoted by the Campus of International Excellence Triangular – E³ “Horizons of Man” and the Santa María la Real Historical Heritage Foundation, aim to provide students with the skills, tools and competencies necessary to develop solvency their work in the field of cultural management. To achieve the training of professionals will be encouraged with an integrator profile, able to transform the historical legacy in a generating tool for social development and information económico. Information about Skills Masters in Cultural Heritage Management is available here.
  • Master’s Degree in the Route of Santiago: The cultural route which connects the three campuses of the three universities associated in the CEI, studying the areas of Cultural Heritage and Economic Development. The University of Burgos, the University of León and the University of Valladolid have signed an specific agreement to carry out jointly the organization and development of the teaching leading to the university-specific Master’s Degree “Route of Santiago: local heritage and development” in the frame of the Campus of International Excellence Triangular–E3.
  • MBA in Food and Agriculture Industries: As proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture of Castile and Leon, developed together with the two Campuses of Excellence in our region, the CEI Triangular–E3 and the CEI Studii Salamantini, each of which acts as the coordinator on a biennial basis. Thus, we also promote the collaboration between Campuses of Excellence as a new source of opportunities for the development of projects.
  • Master’s Degree in Human Evolution: An academic program adapted to the EHEA, organized in close relation to the scientific project of Atapuerca and the CENIEH Research Centre in Burgos, Centro Mixto UCM-ISC-III on Human Evolution and Behaviour in Madrid and the Universities of Burgos, Alcalá, Complutense of Madrid, País Vasco and Zaragoza. The University of Burgos as a member of the aggregation CEI Triangular–E3 has committed to consider the area of Human Evolution (one of the three thematic areas of the Campus) as a key field and flagship of this University both on research and teaching. The Postgraduate Interuniversity School on Human Evolution (EIPEH) based in the University of Burgos, assumes the academic organization and the administrative management of the Master and Doctorate studies in Human Evolution.
  • Interuniversity Master in “Healthy ageism and life quality”. The aim is to train professionals capable of improving the quality of life of the elderly, encouraging personal autonomy and avoiding the appearance of deficiencies in old people, ultimately, decreasing the impact of dependency.
  • The Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering arises from the fact of the constant changes in the automotive field taking place in the last few years. Even though some years ago an engineer specialized in the automotive field was basically a Mechanic Engineer, currently, an automotive expert needs to have a high level of knowledge of other different technologies included in vehicles: electricity and electronics, skills in ergonomics and the interaction between the occupants and the vehicle, new materials and processing techniques, comfort, navigation systems, applied control systems, without forgetting those aspects related to propulsion systems, conventional or new (electric, fuel-cell vehicles), or the new calculating, design and experimenting tools.