The Campus of International Excellence Triangular–E3 “the Horizons of Mankind” promotes a project, developed by several teachers from the Interuniversity Master in Human Evolution, consisting of the production of a teaching tool, functional and interactive, or “virtual kit”, for animal dissection which transmits the necessary skills to the students, and which at the same time can be used anywhere, economising the elements needed to perform a dissection.

Comparative anatomy is essential to train researchers studying the human evolution, and dissection is the key tool in this training process. However, the technical resources needed to perform a full dissection are very complex (they are only available in a few institutions and centres) and it is also very difficult to find bodies of primates to carry out this kind of activities.

The kit includes HD DVDs, a Web and PC application with all the contents developed, 9 dissection plates with NFC tags which communicate with an Android Tablet application containing all the audio-visual information and which allows a good interaction with the students in the classroom connecting them to the activity being performed.

For the direction, organization and scientific design of the system we had the participation of the faculties Ignacio de Gaspar Simón and Juan Luis Arsuaga from the Complutense University of Madrid and Professor José Miguel Carretero from the University of Burgos. The dissections and texts have been carried out by Prof. Ignacio de Gaspar Simón and Mrs. Isabela Fernández-Figares from the Complutense University, all of whom are faculties of this Master.

The audio-visual contents can be found in Spanish and English, and the system is available on the website