The European Academy Foundation of Yuste, following the agreement of the Board of Trustees, convenes 10 European Fellowships for Research and Mobility in European Studies. European Prize Carlos V – Sofia Corradi, Mamma Erasmus, in competitive competition, in accordance with the principles of objectivity, transparency, Equality, non-discrimination and publicity.

becas yuste

The scholarships are designed to favor:

  • The study and documentary research at European level for the preparation of the contribution to be presented in the framework of the VIII Doctoral Seminar on Pluridisciplinary Studies on Contemporary Europe, organized in collaboration with the Research Network SEGEI1 (Socio-Economic Governance and European Identity) and the University of Extremadura to be held at the Royal Monastery of Yuste (Extremadura, Spain) around June 2017;
  • The publication of the contribution of each researcher in a joint work that brings together the results of research carried out within the framework of this call;
  • The mobility of researchers for their participation in the seminar and to attend the subsequent act of presentation of the publication of the research.

The scholarships have an endowment of 2,500 euros each.