The jury of intergenerational contest microstories which was convened under the theme “United for generations’ has published on April 23, coinciding with the celebration of Day of the book, the name of the authors of the originals that have been selected.

The awards consist of two sets of books valued at € 100 for the first of each category, and two second prizes (first win one hour of flight for two in the simulator SAULE and the second will get sports equipment: backpack, sweatshirt and cap).

The microstories winners will be published on the website of the Triangular-E³, and tULEctura blog that is hosted on the website of the Library of the ULE, and will be read during the radio program ‘Between Us’ part of the program of activities of cultural interest of the University Radio 106.6 FM.

The authors and winning stories are:

In the category of ‘Members of the University Community’ of the ULE:

First Prize: Inés Lucas Vazquez for ‘Pussycat Pussycat’.

Second prize 1: Carlos Vicente Rubio, by ‘has Pilín’.

2nd honorable mention: Marina Herrero Prieto, for ‘Resilience’.

In the category of ‘Senior 60’: First Prize: José Antonio Vallejo Aller, by ‘Pluscuamperfecto’.

Second prize 1: Ove Celestino Medina, for ‘generational change’.

2nd honorable mention: Daniel Lopez Abella, for ‘We look at the world’.

Special mention: José Cobo Fernandez for ‘Generations’.

The participant who has been lucky with electronic tablet that was raffled among the 80 participants was Sergio Casas Pastor.

PUBLIC CEREMONY OF PRIZE The awards ceremony will take place at a public event to be held on April 29th ‘European day of active aging and intergenerational solidarity’, at 12:00 pm in the Conference Room of the Library San Isidoro (Campus Vegazana). At the same ceremony also they receive their awards winners of photo contest intergenerational ‘Reading and university’, whose decision was released on February 23.