The rectors of the universities of Burgos, Leon and Valladolid have gathered at the Palacio de Santa Cruz (Valladolid) to design new actions to promote the Campus of International Excellence.

The rectors of the three universities (Valladolid, Leon and Burgos) that make up the Campus of International Excellence (CEI) Triangular E³, have held a working meeting at the Palacio de Santa Cruz, home of the Chancellor of the UVa . The rector of the UVa, Daniel Miguel San José; that of ULE, Juan Francisco García Marín, and the UBU, Manuel Pérez Mateos, along with Vice Rector of Research and Academic Planning of these universities, have met to discuss the actions taken by the Campus of International Excellence so far and design new strategies to boost the project.


The meeting began to outline new strategies to promote the project and raised as one of the objectives of the European intellect uptake. In addition the guiding highlighted the need to expand the map of qualifications with new degrees, master’s and doctoral give more visibility to allow universities in Spain and Europe. To do this, they consider it necessary to promote synergy between the three universities and the research potential of the same.


The Campus of International Excellence, CEI Triangular-E³, is promoted by the University of Burgos (UBU), León (ULE) and Valladolid (UVa). Under the slogan “The horizons of man,” the CEI Triangular-E³ aims to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century man about aspects closely linked to the quality of life: Human Evolution, Ecomobility and Aging.