In the interests of adequately managing the Campus Triangular – E3, we propose to adopt a flexible and evolutionary governance model, so as to make management more dynamic and help the aggregation partners make decisions.

Organizational Chart

Highest representation body

The highest governance body of the Campus will have the function of designing and promoting the coordinated strategy based on the strategic objectives and action plans whose execution will be delegated onto the Executive Committee, the Technical Office and Work Committees. The highest governance body will be composed of the top managers of the institutions that are part of the core aggregation.

Executive Committee (EC)

The Executive Committee of the CEI Triangular-E3 are constituted by Research Vice-Rectors of the three universities that compose the aggregation. The mission of the EC is to coordinate and manage the actions corresponding to the subprograms of Strengthening of the CEI calls 2011. Their main function will be ensuring that the strategic objectives are put into effect, by means of a follow-up and supervision of the above-mentioned tasks, as well as the realization of the technical means needed.


Technical Office (TO)

The Technical Office will assume the function of executing, managing, following up on and assessing the progress of the project. Moreover, it will coordinate the institutional communication activity of the CEI Triangular E3. It will be composed of staff members of the universities and of external professionals, and will act as the executor of the executive Committee and the support of the Work Committee in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the strategic objectives on which the project is based on. Campus offices equipped with their corresponding office equipment in each of the three universities belonging to the aggregation have been enabled. There are regular meetings of follow‐up actions and coordination and decision‐making both at the level of Executive Committee and Technical Office. To expedite them and optimize the use of resources, video conferencing is commonly used.

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Mechanisms of implementation, management and monitoring

The aggregation requires structures and processes that will help a functioning that is efficacious in its search of excellence, and efficient, in its exquisite respect for the autonomy and complicity of the partners. This distribution of tasks and responsibilities has enabled an optimum development of the different actions of the project as well as an efficient use of available resources. The decisions that concern to CEI Triangular-E3 take collectively between the representatives designated by every member of the aggregation, as much at strategic level (Executive Committee and /or Representation Organ when it is necessary) as at operative level (Technical Office). The members of the Executive Committee and of the CEI Technical Office have supported a constant communication.