The universities of Burgos, León and Valladolid are the promoters of The Triangular-E³ International Excellence Campus (CEI Triangular-E³). This project is not only a collaboration between the three universities, but an alliance with external agents providing their vision and resources in a complementary and reinforcing way. Thus, the CEI relies upon different scientific-technological and healthcare organizations: leading companies working on the common areas of the Campus, as well as the primary innovative Trade Associations of the Region.

This model of association is an effective way to balance governance and participation on the Campus and, at the same time, it facilitates and strengths the collaboration between companies and CEI Triangular-E³ institutions.

The selection of partners and participant institutions has been made having in mind the scope of the collaboration and the capacity to establish innovative private-public clusters, with international recognition in the areas covered the CEI Triangular-E³.

Most of the entities are participating within the frame of the three thematic areas of the CEI (Human Evolution, Ageism and Ecomobility) with the aim of increasing the critical mass on teaching, scientific-technological and innovation areas. This design reflects the commitment to gather all the formative, scientific-technological potential of the associations, that will allow to get the highest numer of sinnergies, increase the use of knowledge, etc., to finally attract talent, promote mobility, entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer and generate professionals with a high potential of employability.

The CEI Triangular-E³ borns with an opened and universal nature, so that other organizations have the possibility to join the project, reinforcing it on both mid and long term basis.