We, the Rectors of the Universities of Burgos, León and Valladolid, hereby present the Triangular E3 International Excellence Campus (CEI Triangular – E3) project, whose motto is “The Horizons of Mankind” and with which the three Universities are to jointly apply to the 2011 call of the International Excellence Campus (CEI) Programme of the Ministry of Education. This project is the result of the collaboration of the three universities and of their commitment to a shared future, as expressed in an Alliance based on the conviction of the need of uniting our values and strengths to face the challenges of the University of the Twenty-First century.


Our three universities lead the Triangular-E³ CIS project, around three clusters of knowledge: Human Evolution, Ageing and Eco-Mobility. The project aims to respond to the permanent craving the knowledge on the origin of mankind and it’s past; and to address the challenges that represent current and progressive ageing of advanced societies; and for the immediate future seek solutions to the problems of mobility and transport, under the premisess of energy efficiency, economic and environmental sustainability, as well as universal accessibility.