Next October 21, 10 to 13 hours, will take place the Day ‘Meet my research and collaborates with me’, to be held in the multipurpose room of the University Library.

The aim of the conference is that the research community know best what their colleagues and promote possible collaboration between them. It will be given during the day the opportunity for participants to outline their capabilities and main lines of research that may be of interest to other members of the university, in addition to exposing what skills or knowledge may need other university groups to complement their research .

Each group will have 5 minutes to explain their offers and needs. Once all presentations will liven up the morning with a coffee where all attendees can exchange views and know each other personally.

More than 25 research groups have shown their interest in attending. If you have not yet registered, you can do it by filling out a short form (before October 7). It only takes a few minutes. I fill it by clicking on the link below: