PURPOSE: To provide financial support for conducting scientific work in the area of ​​care for the elderly. The scope of the call is worldwide. The research projects submitted to this call must adhere to the following areas:

  1. Classification tools dependence and users to establish homogeneous groups of intervention or innovative measurement instruments in one of these areas: functional, physical or psycho-social.
  2. Outreach and awareness in caring for the elderly, detection risk population or action on health problems and / or social risk.
  3. Active promotion programs especially those that promote healthy, participatory and safe life of older people aging.
  4. Technological innovations that favor independence, control, monitoring, safety and security of care for the elderly.

DEADLINE: The deadline for registration ends on October 20, 2016 (inclusive).

Funding: The funding will amount to a maximum lump sum of 15,000 euros. The scholarship will be awarded to the principal investigator as a beneficiary of it or at its request, to the institution to which he is attached and where research is being conducted, targeting exclusively for that purpose.

DURATION: A calendar year from the date of acceptance and formalization.

More information: https://www.fundacionmapfre.org/fundacion/es_es/ayudas-becas-premios/becas/investigacion-primitivo-vega/