The Economic and Social Council of Castilla and Leon (CES) and the Campus of International Excellence Triangular-E³ which are the universities of Burgos, Leon and Valladolid announces the Research Award in the social, economic and labor fields, equipped with a First Prize 15,000 Euros and two Accesit of 3,000 Euros.

The call Award is annual, with the aim of contributing to knowledge and economic and social development of the Community, recognizing the best research and with the aim of becoming one of the most prestigious awards for researchers and doctors Castilla y Leon. The call was initialed at a public event by the president of CES, Germán García Barrios; the rector of the University of Burgos, Alfonso Murillo Villar; the rector of the University of León, José Ángel Hermida Alonso, and the rector of the University of Valladolid, Daniel Miguel San Jose last March 1 at the University of Burgos, and published on March 10 in the Official Bulletin of Castilla y Leon.


These awards to researchers or research groups as well as the other members of the university community, presenting an unprecedented and innovative economic, social or labor fields work and highlighting so its special incidence are directed to community of Castile and Leon. The work must be original and unpublished, may not have been funded by any public or private body, and have to refer to CES, in Avenida Salamanca 51, 6th floor 47014 Valladolid.

The deadline for submission is May 9. The criteria for the award will take into account the adequacy of work to social, economic or labor field of Castile and Leon, research quality thereof, expository structure, scientific methodology, the effort made, writing and style as well as their interest the autonomous region.  CARTEL PREMIO CEI (2)

Economic and Social Council

Selected in the first phase Research Award CES- CEI TRIANGULAR E³ – 2016 projects