With the aim of promoting research activities related to the Clinical Laboratory José Luis Castaño Foundation awards annual scholarships to finance these research projects in this field. In this call will fund a project, to be carried out in 2017, with the following topics: Clinical utility of biomarkers (-2) proPSA and IHP index in prostate cancer.

Submission of applications:

From  September 19th to November 12th, 2016

Requirements Applicants:

The scholarship will be eligible national character and it all full members of the SEQC (Spanish Society of Clinical Pathology and Molecular Pathology). If there is more than one author, the main author and 50% of the rest of the co-authors must be members of law SEQC a minimum period of 6 months.
Applicants must submit an original research project and that has not been presented whole or in part before any means of scientific dissemination (conferences, publications, …).

Documents required:

Memory work project. (Annex I)
Document approved by the Ethics Committee for Clinical Research (CEIC).
Document acceptance and support for the project by the Head of Service or Head of the center where the project is to take place.
If applying for the scholarship to stay abroad center should provide justification for knowledge of the language of the destination country.
All documentation must be sent as a single PDF, to the following address: secretaria@fundacionjlc.esindicando in the matter: Research project Mª Rosa Concustell 2017.


6,000 €


Carried out during 2017

Evaluation criteria:

Quality and scientific interest of the project.
Usefulness and applicability of the results of work in improving the health of patients.
Clear work plan, well structured and realistic.
Viability of the project.
Drafting and general presentation of the project report.
Curriculum Vitae of the applicant.

More information:

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