The Campus of International Excellence Triangular – E³ promoted by the Universities of Burgos , Leon and Valladolid result beneficiary of aid for Consolidation Project Excellence Universities para . In this new edition , published in a competitive among the 36 CEI ‘s Public and Private existing in our university system , the CEI Triangular – E³ has obtained financing in the amount of € 225,541.

The actions to which this funding is allocated are: 1. Strengthening and internationalization of joint graduate degrees 2. Network of international excellence for European joint doctorate 3. Program to attract excellent researchers and visiting professors stays 4. Comprehensive Platform teaching business skills 5. Prize for innovative solutions to improve quality of life 6. ” I- Sport ” program inclusion through sport The projects will be developed during the years 2016 and 2017.

The evolution of the various initiatives in the CEI Triangular – E³ and the fulfillment of its objectives are periodically evaluated by an International Monitoring Committee that reports to the Ministry of Education on its development and proposed maintenance or withdrawal of the reference as Campus of Excellence. In the two evaluations conducted so far, the project Campus of International Excellence Triangular – E³ , obtained positive evaluation. After this positive assessment , there is provided a final evaluation of the project in 2016 for final score. The Campus of International Excellence program aims to promote strategic aggregations between universities and other institutions located in the campus in order to create ” knowledge ecosystems ” that promote employment, social cohesion and local economic development.

The Universities of Burgos, Leon and Valladolid lead the Campus of International Excellence project Triangular – E³, around three clusters of knowledge: Human Evolution, Aging and Ecomobility. The project aims to respond to lifelong thirst for knowledge of humans on their origin and past; face the challenges posed by the current and progressive aging of advanced societies; for the immediate future and seek solutions to the problems of mobility and transport in an environment of energy efficiency, economic and environmental sustainability and universal accessibility. The CEI Triangular-E³ not intended to be only a mere aggregation of the three universities, it seeks to strengthen the project through external alliances with other agents that contribute vision and complementary resources. Therefore, it has institutional support, scientific-technological and welfare organizations, major companies in the fields related to the areas of the campus and major Innovative Business Groups in the region.

Being aware of the long way still to go to achieve the ultimate goal, the three promoters universities want to share with the university community of the CEI Triangular – E³ , as well as with public and private institutions and agencies working with the CEI, this success and thank its commitment and collaboration in the project , whose ultimate goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of service that universities provide to society .