CES and universities of Burgos, Leon and Valladolid that make up the CEI Triangular-E ³ reward social, economic and labor research as a way to provide knowledge and talent to the society of Castilla and Leon.

The Economic and Social Council of Castilla and Leon (CES) and the three public universities that make up the Campus of International Excellence Triangular-E ³ (Burgos, Leon and Valladolid) have signed an agreement to promote research and reward those works of extraordinary relevance on social, economic and labor issues with particular significance in the context of the Community of Castilla y Leon. The agreement was signed in a public ceremony by the president of CES, Germán García Barrios; the rector of the University of Burgos, Alfonso Murillo Villar; the rector of the University of León, José Ángel Hermida Alonso, and the rector of the University of Valladolid, San José Miguel Daniel.


Research Award, convened for the first time between the CES of Castilla y León and the Campus of Excellence Triangular-E³, is endowed with 15,000 euros and each of the two runners-up plans amounts to 3,000 euros.

Research Award  will be convened soon by posting the contest rules in the Official Gazette of Castile and Leon (BOCYL).