The Faculty of Doctors of the University of Burgos will welcome the journalist Iñaki Gabilondo and the Peruvian writer and Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa on 20 October during the celebration of a formal academic ceremony to be held at the Aula Magna of the Hospital Rey at 12:00.

With Iñaki Gabilondo and Mario Vargas Llosa are already sixteen honorary doctors of the Faculty of the University of Burgos.

The honorary doctorate is considered to supreme academic dignity conferred by the University of Burgos to individuals who have distinguished themselves for their decisive contribution in the scientific, cultural, artistic and technical fields, as well as for their outstanding contributions to society.

Two meetings with students and teachers of the UBU and all those who want to get close to these two famous figures of literature and the world of communication will be held.

  • The encounter with Mario Vargas Llosa will be held in the Aula Magna, at 17:00 pm, and will be moderated by Professor Maria Luisa Lobato.
  • The meeting with Iñaki Gabilondo will be held in the Auditorium of the Military Hospital at 17:00 pm and will be moderated by Professor José María Chomón Serna.