This campus on energy, particularly electricity, will reveal different theoretical and practical issues concerning the energy sector, different funetes of renewable energy and the need for smart grids to meet the demands of society, as well as key sustainable energy model.

FROM 18th TO 22th JULY 2016 – LEON


Audience: Students of undergraduate, master or university graduates of Burgos, Leon, Valladolid, Salamanca, Catholic “Saint Teresa of Jesus” of Avila, Pontificia de Salamanca, Segovia IE and European “Miguel de Cervantes” in Valladolid. Students from Higher Level Training Cycles that studying in Castilla y León.

Contents: Infrastructure. Generation. socio-economic, environmental and market aspects. Regulation and consumption. And Innovation Perspective. Theoretical classes (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) are completed with technical visits (Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Venue: High School and Technical Mining Engineers (classroom 14). Campus Vegazana s / n. 27071 León. 

Duration: 40 hours

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