VII Annual Award 2015 UAM-Accenture

The UAM – Accenture Chair launches the 2015Annual Award for an original research paper in Economics and Management of Innovation: “Innovation and Economic Recovery”.

There is a broad consensus in scientific literature and in the business and political world, on the beneficial effects of innovation on countries’ development, and on how innovation policies can promote job creation and economic growth. The impact of innovation on the competitiveness of firms, industries, areas, regions and countries is a driving element of potential growth in the long-term.

The post-crisis economic situation has obliged some institutions (both public and private) to make hard adjustments that, in addition to causing severe reductions on GDP and employment, have provoke significant cuts to the R+D+I resources. The urgency of controlling the public deficit has led the governments of some countries to drastically reduce their support for innovation at a time when, precisely, companies were finding serious difficulties to maintain their effort for innovation. However, some of the leading countries in terms of innovation have increased their effort in innovation while others have slightly contained it, both considering the R&d+I as a key element in their economic strategy.

Innovation can open new markets and consolidate existing ones, as well as improve the business competitiveness. At a time when there are emerging signs of economic recovery, and in the light of having the opportunity to establish growth patterns to guarantee higher levels of welfare to citizens, it is particularly important to analyze the role that innovation can play as the engine in said process.

The UAM-Accenture Chair in Economics and Innovation Management, launches an award of 5.000€ for a non-published paper in english and with an extension between 7.000 and 12.000 words. More information on the following link: Conditions for the 2015 Annual Award